Where we work

IQRA operates its activities for two countries:

London, UK:

IQRA’s activities in England include a drop in surgery for members of the Horn of Africa Community in our area. The one stop shop provides information and advice, form filling, signposting. We also run Supplementary school on Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 16 years old. Some of these children are new arrivals and we teach them main core curriculum subjects including Maths, science and Cultural language in order to increase their of level of educational attainment.


Since the inception of IQRA, it has managed to establish four schools in four different areas in Somalia. These schools are in El-ade town in the Gedo region and in Abudwak, Balanbale and Dabad in the Galgadud region. The level education of these schools is from primary to secondary level; which are free of charge for any one.
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